• Mulga and Everlasting Daisies - This is our ultimate of Western Australia wildflower photographs! It was a struggle to capture it. The sun was going down...
  • Murchison River near Hawks Head Lookout, Kalbarri, Western Austr - Murchison River in the early evening, near Hawks Head Lookout, Kalbarri, Western Australia
  • 67_IsopogonInconspic_Page
  • Paraphalaenopsis labukensis_Borneo_Breeden - Paraphalaenopsis labukensis orchid from Borneo.
An 11-exposure focus stack by Stanley & Kaisa Breeden
  • Field of Everlastings - Closeup of a field of whispering everlasting daisies, Western Australia. Includes Pink Cluster Everlastings—Schoenia cassiniana,...
  • 68_MagicForest_Spread - Cycads in Banksia woodland, WA. A Journey Through Wildflower Country.
  • 27_BanksiaPrionotes_Page
  • 154_WompooFeathers - Wompoo pigeon
  • 80_RedLechenaultia_Page
  • Vanda coerulea - Blue Vanda orchid from SE ASia, Vanda coerulea.
A12-exposure focus stack by Kaisa & Stanley Breeden
  • 45_WreathFlower_Spread
  • Long-tailed Pygmy Possum - This tiny pygmy possum, barely the size of a mouse, obligingly posed for us whilst hunting for nectar. A 3 exposure DOF focus...
  • Female Barred Frog - Female Barred Frog merging with the rainforest leaflitter
  • nil
  • Eye of a Male Cassowary - We share this Cassowary's habitat, and he has been visiting for around 17 years.
  • 6_Archidendron
  • 113_LepidoremaFruit - Lepidorema fruit
  • Sunlit Barringtonia - A delicate sunlit Barringtonia on the forest floor.
A 15-exposure image, involving both HDR and focus stacking photography to capture...
  • Male Cairns Birdwing Butterfly - A male Cairns Birdwing Butterfly.

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  • 172_SloaneaAustralis
  • 215_ProudMoth - This little moth is 14mm long.
  • Rhino Beetle - Rhino Beetle,
  • 44_45_LeopardMoth
  • 134_135_Stony-CreekFrog
  • 122_123_SunDappledTree
  • 186_187_BrownTreeSnake - Brown Tree Snake, Bulurru
  • 97_HernandiaFruits_B

Stanley & Kaisa Breeden

Stan and Kaisa Breeden are award-winning nature photographers and writers, specialising in macro focus-stacking, HDR-DOF and panoramas.